I will not dissolve snot here and invent stories, I'm an optimist in life.
I will be honest. I am so fucking tired of paying mortgages and loans.

My debt at the moment is $ 75,998.19 of which $ 10,092 is two consumer loans. In total, I need to pay 24 years. All my thoughts are on just one thing, how quickly to repay debts. I have already got used to wearing jeans for almost 4 years. By the way they still look good 😄
I'm pissed, that every time I have to count the amount that I can afford to spend on a birthday present for my son (he was 2 years old recently). This is very sad.

I have a basic job and I also work extra on freelancing, but this is not enough. I have been living in the ass for 6 years.

If you have Bitcoin or Ethereum that you can donate, then please list them on one of the purses below. I would at least close these two loans and I will breathe fresh air. I understand that there are many such, but I will still try to do it.

Instead of another cup of coffee, better help another person 😉

If a miracle happens and I hear the sound of falling coins like in Fort Boyard and I get more than necessary amount, then I am responsible for my words that I will spend this money on charity to sick children, I can do a photo or video report.
To me superfluous from above it is not necessary.

I would really appreciate if you could donate a few bucks or btc/satoshi.
Peace to your home, kindness and generosity!

Donate to Bitcoin address - 1fU6Y3JNiA9fD6ntNHWMLhnBPCQgDgLX1

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Donate to Ethereum address - 0x4C839e31381415c7735D21dAB68e3864F9BBD90A

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2017 Inner peace 😺